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04 / 25 / 2010

Hip to be Squared 3

Stoned tone organized alleycat race yesterday.
There were 8 check points in Manhattan and 1 check point in Brooklyn,Total about 16 miles.

Start was Tompkins Sq. park East Village. After hanging out at park for an hour, race started.
More than 20 racers sprint on 7th street. On the corner of Ave.A and 7th st, a pack was broken. Some people went to downtown first and some riders were heading to midtown. My plan was taking midtown first.

Going 14st to west, there were about 10 racers, Jun, kale, Pavel, and victor was just ahead of me. 14st was little tough, pedestrian and traffic broke the group, I was following victor.
I and victor got 1st and 2nd CP together and I think we are first one who get 2nd CP, Jun and others arrived just a minutes later.

Then we were going to Herald Sq. for 3rd CP. I wasted few minutes here to find CP and a group caught me. When I got back 6th Ave to go up, I saw Victor was still looking for 3rd CP.
We were going up 6 Ave to 4th CP that is 3 times sq. I was watching Jun's wild riding from just behind him.

4th CP was easy.
5th CP was 57st bet. 11 and 12 Ave. Jun, kale and I went 43st to west. At 9th Ave, Jun stopped to wait for light.
"Are you serious? It's race, don't stop"
I went up 9th Ave against traffic for few block and up 10th Ave to 57st. I got 5th CP and caught Irain(spelling in not sure,he got 9th?)
It was strange that Jun and Kale didn't come, I was sure there weren't big difference, but they were not in sight.

Anyway, 6th CP is varick and leonard. I was going down 11th ave, I saw Irain was in sevral block ahead and victor and someone behind me 10 blocks. 11th Ave met West St, going car path, a fat woman shout me from her car.
Do exercise. Stop eating fast food.

6th CP guy was Izumi who is old school and fast. He said me in Japanese.
"What are you doin? mother fukker, you are fucking slow, "
OK, I got know I was in good position, not so late.

I got 7th CP with few races and Pavel. Heading to 8th CP that was last one in Manhattan. Going up Pearl st, I tried to follow Pavel, but he was strong and taking off.
At 8th CP Chatham Sq. I couldn't see Pavel and I and Irain, Jason was in a group. We talked little and decide to go Manhattan bridge car path.

It was my first time for Manhattan bridge car path. There ware huge gaps on bridge joints. Jason was ahead of me and he slowed down around top of bridge. When I was passing him, he said he got flat. I understand he got pinch flat at gap. Flat tire on the bridge, it is terrible
However it was race and nothing I could do for him. I took him off. I am sorry Jason.

In Brooklyn, I was keeping Irain in my sight, but he was more than 10 blocks ahead. My leg were fucked up, I didn't think I can catch him.
Last CP was 868 Myrtle Ave. Squarebuilt HQ. It is handmade frame company. When I got CP, there was nobody, it was 868. Yelling "Check Point" then poeple called from basement. I carried bike to basement to get sign, He gave me plus one for carrying bike. Thanks dude, but I don't know how plus one work.

A guy with Kissena Jersey caught me at last CP and I followed him. We were going Flushing Ave to finish.
He did final sprint, my leg had no more power.
He finished 10th and I got 11th.
It took 59min for 16 miles.

1. Raph
2. Austin
3. Doug D
4. The king
5. JT
6. Crihs
7. Pavel

Finish at Wreck Room, Bushwick, Brooklyn

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