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08 / 22 / 2010

Bridge Battle 2010


Check Points were

Middle of Manhattan Bridge
151 Bleecker (Red Lion)
62 W 9th (The Lion)
34 W 15th (Lion Brand Yarn Studio)
410 W 42nd (Lion Theater)
476 5th Ave (New York Public Library)
Middle of the Queensboro Bridge(canceled)
Entrance of Roosevelt Island Bridge (Vernon Blvd & 36th Ave)
Middle of the Pulaski Bridge
Bottom of the Williamsburg bridge, Brooklyn Side
Finish at the top of the Williamsburg

About 12 racers started from middle of the Williamsburg bridge, headsig to Manhattan Br.
I was in a lead pack with Eli, Keith, Dominican Chris and Chris Cali.
We were going down on Allen St. I had to turn right at Canal St., but I straight to Division St.
This detour route made gap of few blocks. After all, I couldn't bridge that gap.
After 1 st CP, I rode solo mostly.

1. Eli
2. Crihs
3. Keith (me)
4. Taka
5. Chris Cali

I passed Keith in final 50 meter, but I didn't hit "Entrance of Roosevelt Island Bridge (Vernon Blvd & 36th Ave)".
Actually I went to there, but nobody was bottom of bridge. I wondered that the CP was canceled.
Queensboro bridge CP was canceled right before we started, same thing happened after we started?
I didn't spend time to looking for CP and left to Pulaski bridge.

After finish I heard that Roosevelt Island Bridge CP was middle of bridge.
Eli, Chris and Keith did that CP. I and Chris Clai didn't.
But manifesto said "Entrance".
OK, That's the alleycat.

Photo by Doug D

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