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10 / 30 / 2010

Halloween Alleycat Race

I rode Halloween Alleycat Race.
I feel I made lots of mistake at this race, mostly routing.
You see the map and route is going crossing, like west to east and east to west.
It wasted time so much.

We started Affinity Cycle around 4pm. Dominican Chris, JT, KTel, Doug D and Lucas(Video shooting) were in the lead pack. I was following them. Yes, they are really fast. We entered Williamsburg bridge car pass. Some racer passed me. At top of bridge, I couldn't see the lead pack in my sight. OK, my race started. I decided that I took down town check points first and headed to up town. I and Tadashi rode together first three CPs. When I headed 49st on 1st Ave, I missed Tadashi. Then I rode solo rest of the race. It was so tough to ride alone for 100 blocks to 153st. I wasted time so much on the way to come back to midtown from 153st. I couldn't figure out which way was the best to go midtown, Broadway or Riverside Dr? On the way, I realized it made huge gap from leader. I almost gave up the race, however I finish the race and I got unbroken egg to finish(racer must get unbroken egg to finish. it is on Manifest.) I placed 12th, maybe 14 racer finished and more than 20 racer registered.
I got learned lots of things.
Thank you Hiromi, organizer, CP workers and racers.

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