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10 / 09 / 2009

Boogie Nights Oct. 09

Oct, 09 Friday 9PM Grand Army Plaza Gate

3 person Team Time Trial
Both the A and B field must complete two laps.

We will let a team go every 30 seconds starting with the B field and ending with the A field. I'll have multiple stop watches going and I will need a volunteer or two helping with staging and recording times. Race numbers will be supplied to all teams.

Rules: Time will be stopped when the 3rd racer of the team crosses the line. If one racer flats during the race (which happened last year) the two remaining members will be allowed to complete the course and their time stands.

Have a really good warmup before your start.
Rock a bigger gear than you used in the scratch.
Don't kill yourselves on the hill.

from NYC fixed gear

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