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02 / 20 / 2010

the way to pave

I am a jeweler, but I am not a stone setter and my works are not fine jewelry.
However, last few weeks I try to do something fine jewelry technique. It is called Pave.
Pave setting is one of traditional setting, many small stones(under 2mm) are set close together. Its like this photo, sorry it is not my work.

I use 1.5mm CZ to do practice. Blue one in photo is a pencil, you can image how stones are small.

This is a graver, This tool makes a curl of metal around stone, then those curls hold stone. A stone needs 3 or 4 curl to hold.

This is one that I do. You see four scratches around each stones, those are marks of graver.
I know it is disgusting, need more practice.
I don't think I use this technique to my works, but I believe that is important to understand traditional technique. It gives me wide range.

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