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03 / 23 / 2010

Red Hook Criterium

I rode Red Hook Crit.
It was my first time to ride criterium race. Crit is a race held on a short course and run on city street.

I felt that I couldn't do anything at this race.
The first turn was everything for me.
Then race started, 50 races sprinted to first turn. It was about 200M from starting line to the corner.
I was riding inside and more than 20 racers were ahead of me.
The turn was tight and racers came from outside to inside, I couldn't find a line that I must go.
I was scared to high speed, mass racers, tight turn.
After the first turn, my competitive mind never come back. I stop racing at 7th or 8th lap to clear course for competed racers.

There were lots of learned lesson for crit race.
The course was brutal and volunteer street marshals worked great.
Thank you for everyone.

1. Dan Chabanov
2. John K-Tel
3. Al Barouh
4. Chris Thormann
5. Pavel Maneson
6. Matthew Arleck (Tio)
7. Brean
8. John Taki
9. Izumi
10.Joshua Robot

1st girl Kacey Manderfield

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