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11 / 23 / 2010

Crankgiving12 11/20/2010


There were 200 racers, alleycat folks, mom, kids, Tamdems.
We must hit only one store in each zone in any order, and buy an item from shopping list.
So racers hit 4 stores and 2 CPs.
All foods that racer buy are donated to St. Mary. The place was filled with foods, like 400 jars of baby foods.
That is amazing bike culture. I realized bike scene in NYC is not fashion.
I know race on street is kind of outlaw, someone may say "Illegal race is not necessary to donate foods". That is right. However I want to say "Did you act to help people?"
Any way, any reason, we bought food for people.

On the other side, I was disappointed with myself. My rivals were got top 10s, but I placed 38th....
OK next race is Across 110th St. on 12/4

here is route

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