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03 / 14 / 2011

Monster Track XII

Monster Track 12 at Mar. 12th 2011
45miles, 3hours.

1st manifest-
200 north end
315 w 38th
W. 79th st (Boat Basin)
1355 Park Ave
641 E 13th St.
62 Pike(Base)

2nd Manifest-
1101 6th ave
919 3rd ave
12 Cherokee
W. 79th st (Boat Basin)
601 w 26 st
62 Pike st

3rd Manifest-
175 Stanton
200 5th ave
28 Laight st
125 Broad st
62 Pike

My first plan was that I took "641 E 13th St" first then headed to uptown.
Mounted bike and rock in huge pack. The pack headed to North End Ave check point.
I needed to change my plan, it is just clockwise or counter clockwise.
First few minutes was the most dangerous, don't hustle too much, relax, take breath, figure out CPs.
Pack were breaking. I rode solo after 2nd CP "315 W 38th St".
At Boat Basin CP, I met Chris. He was done 103rd st and cross town already. I got 5 min gap from leader.

Back to base to get 2nd manifest.
I thought I was not so great position, but nothing was clear.
First manifest was so brutal, my legs were messed up. I have no idea how I keep my motivation.
Then Alfred talked to me "You are not so bad, Let's go!"
Thanks Alfred. Your words help me.

I met a guy from Boston, we rode together.
2nd manifest, 12 Cherokee is uptown east and the farest. Decided to go up 1st Ave and hit "919 3rd ave" on the way to uptown, then head to west side, but what about "1101 6th ave"?
OK, let's take it first.

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