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03 / 18 / 2011

Monster Track XII 2

Racers wait for start

It was happening when I riding down 11th Ave.
Suddenly I felt super tired and cold. It was something wrong, not normal tired.
Oh, It might be the situation of "hitting the wall".
After I ate candy, I recovered immediately.
I got to learn how human body was simple.

I was one of last who got 3rd manifest, 24 or 25th place.
hitting Chari&Co. walk the bridge to Laight St and back to 62 Pike.
I finished race in 21st place.
My goal at this year was being in 20's. I needed one more push.
It was tough and fun race. All check point worker were so nice and kind.
That is why I like Monster Track.
Thanks for everyone.

Congrat Eli.

My route

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